With over 9k fans, Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Producer Sense  is an artist that you should know of already. His music is inspired by constant evolution, acceptance, growth, and the consistent quest for self discovery. He has put in a lot of  work under his own imprint (Family Money Everything Ent) performing at the 2016 SXSW “Flamingo Cantina” for the “Painkillers Reloaded Tour” touching the same stage as high profile artists such as “Young MA” and “Desiigner”. He was selected for the Toronto BET Freestyle Friday segment, his single "Get It All" has been played on 3 terrestrial FM Canadian radio stations, and is being supported by many DJ's from all over America. Most recently of which was SHADE45's  very own " DJ Superstar Jay" and "DJ Mr Famous" on the VIPSATURDAY show on SIRIUSXM. Sense makes networking with people all over the world a priority.

For the past 2 years, Sense has dropped 2 major projects with “In The Beginning“, a autobiographical hip hop project, and “Fall: The Mixtape”, a love song centered R&B project.  His single “Get It All” has also earned a feature on Dj Drewski's
HOT97 blog #TheMVMT, which has lead to him being interviewed and played by numerous podcasts, while striving to make it even bigger than was ever imaginable.



Family Money Everything was started by artist/producer/director/ceo "Sense aka Newkid" in 2012 as a dedication and reflection of his new found state of mind. Family Money Everything is more than a name, its a way of life. We believe that no matter what you do or who you are as long as you keep your priorities straight, life will bring you blessings. Family first, money second, and everything else after. We bring you real music from real people who have made the artistic choice to avoid trying to control the way people see them, opting instead for keeping it 100 whether that be seen as good or bad.  The artists we choose to work with all have different beliefs, visions, and backgrounds but the ideals remain the same. If you rock with us and what we do, FME would like to welcome you to our family. #FMEforever